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Professor Steven Furber interviewed by Sun’s David Brown

An excellent article is up at the Association of Computing Machinery’s website – David Brown interviews Steven Furber on the design of the low power, high performance ARM processor.

If those two names don’t have you instantly clicking links, shame on you. Steven Furber was one of the original team at Acorn who came up with the legendary BBC Micro, and who went on to design the Acorn RISC Machine processor.

David Brown worked with Andy Bechtolsheim to design the original Sun workstation, and was one of the ‘dream team’ who worked with Jim Clarke to form Silicon Graphics. These guys really are rockstars of the computing world.

The interview covers the early adventures of the BBC Micro, how that lead on to the development of the ARM CPU, and the design decisions needed to build power-efficient processors.

Energy efficient computing is becoming a really hot topic (if you’ll pardon the pun) and I think it would be excellent to see the legacy of Acorn live on if ARM processors start making inroads to the data centre. With OpenSolaris being ported to the latest ARM Cortex designs this could be happening sooner than we think.

Read the full article at http://queue.acm.org/detail.cfm?id=1716385

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