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New Symbian apps for Nokia mobiles Comments Off on New Symbian apps for Nokia mobiles

You may have noticed the banner on the right of site, pointing to Nokia’s OVI store. Site updates and news are now available for download as an app for your Symbian mobile – grab it for free here.

I’ve been a big Nokia fan since the 9200 Communicator came out, all those years ago. Ahead of their time, the Communicators were everything a techie needed – a keyboard, a decent SSH app, serial connectivity to talk to device consoles, and a cracking email client. The current model, the E7, carries on this Communicator heritage, and really embodies the ‘converged device’ vision that Nokia have touted for quite some time.

Previously I’d been creating specific custom Symbian apps for clients, but have now started to roll out some of my most often used tools for download on Nokia’s OVI Store.

The main page for all of GAE’s apps can be found at http://store.ovi.com/publisher/GAE%20Ltd. Expect new apps, and more details of the existing ones, to be added to this site over the next month.

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