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Bordeaux running on OpenIndiana Comments Off on Bordeaux running on OpenIndiana

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The Bordeaux Technology group have today announced they have a build of Bordeaux running on OpenIndiana. Bordeaux is a commercial implementation of WINE, and they provide support contracts and incident support – ideal for corporate environments where supportability of Open Source solutions is an issue.

Bordeaux itself provides support for:

  • Microsoft Office Suite of Applications. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
  • Internet Explorer. Web Developers frequently need to run multiple versions of Internet Explorer to compare how a website will look to all users running different revisions of the browser software
  • Consumer Video Games. In many cases these contain copy-protection systems that are impossible to port to another platform. This makes vendors reluctant to invest the capital in acquiring another system that will work on other platforms
  • Adobe Photoshop CS and CS2
  • Custom applications for which replacement is not available or development/purchase of a replacement is not economically feasible when compared to the cost of maintaining the existing application in a legacy emulation environment

To so quickly have a build of commercial software for OpenIndiana is a great endorsement, especially when it’s something as useful as Bordeaux.

You can head over to their store and pick up the Bordeaux for Solaris license for only $25, including support.

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