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The management side of IT Comments Off on The management side of IT

I freely admit to being a technologist – in the old school, hardcore “this stuff is cool” sense. Management of IT is not where my skills lie, and compared to the lure of shiny complex IT infrastructure, it’s just not that interesting. In the words of Austin Powers, that’s just not my bag, baby.

Which makes it all the more important that I can work with IT managers and CTOs who don’t just ‘get’ technology, but are also accomplished and skilled managers. I’ve worked with a number of people who excel at those roles (to the immense benefit of their business).

One of the best is someone I worked with at a dot-com a decade ago. The planets have aligned and we’re working together again at the moment, on some complex IT issues that are just as interesting as they were years ago.

This time round, though, he’s blogging about IT management issues (and online gambling). Head on over to Transmissions From a Free Ranging Agent of Kaos for a read – it’s informative and useful stuff.

Larry Ellison on Cloud Computing Comments Off on Larry Ellison on Cloud Computing

I’m very much indebted to @stewarttownsend for linking to this on Twitter. During an analyst call Larry was asked for his views on Cloud Computing. This is his response:

There seems to be a tragic loss of high profile CEOs who feel able to speak their mind fully. Scott McNealy was great back in the day, and Larry is still not shy about holding forth – but apart from that, the IT industry lacks some really good leadership these days.

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