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OpenDS 2.0 is now out Comments Off on OpenDS 2.0 is now out

OpenDS is Sun’s open source LDAP directory server. It’s lightweight, fast and – thankfully after Directory Server 5.2 in particular – it’s very easy to install and use.

Have a look through the initial announcement, download OpenDS 2.0 then grab the release notes and have a quick look through the documentation.

As always with OpenDS the install is very straightforward and painless. Once up and running the GUI makes a nice change from the slow, cluttered mess of the old Directory Server. I’d now rate OpenDS is a solid, mature offering, and I’ll be looking at replacing some of my aging DS 5.2 installs with it.

Sun OpenDS Control Panel

OpenDS qualifies for support from Sun, in it’s Sun OpenDS Standard Edition guise, so there’s no reason not to look at production deployments. For the more esoteric installs, you’ll still want Sun Directory Server (v.7 is being working on at the moment) but for a smaller or more straightforward install, OpenDS will fit the bill nicely.

Sun’s July HPC newsletter is out Comments Off on Sun’s July HPC newsletter is out

As always, Sun’s HPC Newsletter is well worth a read. This month has some interesting HPC videos, details of the latest Constellation cluster upgrades, and information on the Sun HPC Developer stack, which I’ve previously mentioned and which is well worth trying out.

Sun HPC Newsletter
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