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Checking which package a file belongs to with IPS

I’d previously written up a brief note on how to use pgchk to check which package a file belongs to in Solaris. With IPS replacing SYSV packages in Solaris 11 and OpenIndiana, I thought I’d add an update to that post, showing how to accomplish the same thing in IPS.

IPS makes things a lot simpler for us, using the ‘search’ option to pkg.

Let’s check it out on an OpenIndiana oi_147 machine:

-bash-4.0$ uname -X    
System = SunOS
Node = grond
Release = 5.11
KernelID = oi_147
Machine = i86pc
BusType = 
Serial = 
Users = 
OEM# = 0
Origin# = 1
NumCPU = 4

The format of the search option is simple – just give it the full path to the file you’re interested in. In this example, I want to see which IPS package contains /usr/bin/ssh:

-bash-4.0$ pkg search /usr/bin/ssh
path       file   usr/bin/ssh pkg:/network/[email protected]

Nice and simple, and certainly a lot easier than the old method of invoking pgchk.

pkg search will take a number of extra options:

-bash-4.0$ pkg search -? 
        pkg search [-HIaflpr] [-o attribute ...] [-s repo_uri] query

pkg search will also allow wildcards, like ? and *, as well as specifying a particular IPS repo, with the -s option – which is very handy when you have a custom repo for your infrastructure.

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