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Using wget to download files from Sun Download Centre Comments Off on Using wget to download files from Sun Download Centre

This is something that crops up again – a bit of a FAQ. Very often, the machine you’re using your web browser on is not the machine you want to download software to. When you’re dealing with multi-gigabyte files (like an OpenSolaris ISO), downloading them and then having to copy them over a LAN is just duplicating the pain.

And that’s even assuming your server isn’t in a remote data centre somewhere.

However, help is at hand with the trusty command line tool, wget. Now Sun appear to be embedding session IDs in the download URLs, it’s possible to log into Sun Download Centre (SDLC), find the file you want, right click, and select ‘Copy Link Location’. (Or whatever your browser says the option is.)

Then start a terminal session on your server, and execute the following:

wget -O filename.ext "SDLC_URL_goes_here"

wget will head off to the URL, and you’ll find that filename.ext will be downloaded and saved.

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